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Gordon L. Bocher served 11 1/2 years in the Air Force. He flew over 170 combat sorties as a Fire Control Officer (FCO) aboard the AC-130A Gunship. As a rescue navigator, Mr. Bocher participated in the abortive attempt to rescue the 53 hostages held in Iran. Throughout his service, Mr. Bocher was awarded two Distinguished Flying Cross medals, eight Air Medals, The Purple Heart, The Conspicuous Service Award from Gov. Mario Cuomo (NY) and two nominations for The Silver Star.

The author’s personal story was chronicled in two front-page stories in Newsday, People Magazine, The Colorado Star, Veterans of Foreign Wars Magazine and was featured in “The Book of Man” (pp. 417-424) by William Bennett (9/29/11). His book, STORMRIDER, provides an accurate history of the end stages of the Vietnam War. Mr. Bocher also worked as an Air Traffic Control Specialist for 27 years.

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Learn About My Journey
The Book

StormRider: The Book

It is an Intense and unstinting detailed account regarding the hero's combat missions and his rescue (after being shot down in the A Shau Valley in June 1972) and his attempt to deal with the problems that returning veteran experienced after fighting in the Vietnam War. This story takes one through the gambit of fear, triumph, highs, lows, betrayals and the integral friendships that framed life before, during and after Viet Nam.

A thrilling, but humorous, storyline weaves through very personal relationships, the choice to enter the War voluntarily while giving up a disability pension from surviving a cancer operation at age 27. This novel also deals with the emotional tribulations of a combat veteran returning from a war scorned. A targeted audience of realistic/historical fiction will obtain a better understanding of how that War was fought and lost.

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